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Paharpur’s DRH (Divided Rear Header) Air-cooled Condenser reflects our dedication to quality and high performance. These highly reliable solutions are a result of intense research and development and can be supplied to operate over a wide spectrum of operational requirements and demanding industrial applications for the petroleum, power utility, steel, cement, sugar, chemical and gas-processing industrial sectors.

Paharpur has high standards when it comes to quality and performance. We maintain these high standards by taking complete control of the manufacturing process, producing all parts & components in-house in our 6 manufacturing plants- which are equipped with advanced machinery that can guarantee the high quality our clients expect from us.


Paharpur has long been considered an industry leader in cooling tower technology; we reinforce our position in the market with innovative solutions to operational challenges. Paharpur’s independent tube row design in the DRH prohibits back-flow of steam and prevents formation of dead zones, maintaining high efficiency over wide temperature ranges and varying operating loads. Condensate and non-condensables are evacuated from each row separately, hence maintaining the positive fluid separation qualities of a single row condenser. Paharpur has long been a prime innovator in Air-Cooled steam Condenser technology and has introduced Single-Row-Condensers (SRC) to the Indian dry cooling market. SRCs are more compact in comparison to other dry cooling technologies, require much less maintenance, have aluminium-coated oblong carbon steel tubes and operate at very high efficiencies- these factors make them ideal for large capacity cooling applications, especially in the power industry.
Paharpur will be able to contribute greatly to the global power industry since dependence on water for cooling towers will no longer be a major factor.


Separate evacuation of each row: Operational challenges like clogging and Dead zones are prevented by this evacuation technique, as a result maintaining the flow rate and uniform distribution of water.

Flexible Design: The DRH has the flexibility to adapt to any off-design conditions at part load, a characteristic that cannot be found in dephlegmator configurations.

Easy maintenance: Differential thermal expansion and thermal cycling can cause leaks at the tube-to-tube sheet joints. Paharpur designs them such that these leaks can easily be identified and repaired without dismantling the bundle.

The tube layout pattern is equipped to deal with progressive thermal expansion.

Variable Finned tube diameter can effectively tackle unequal condensation in tube rows across the bundle.


Our DRH Steam condenser comes with a variety of finned tubes, each suited to a particular application and environment. Available in extruded, embedded or wrap-on type fins, our expert engineers can help you select the most appropriate one for your unique requirement. Paharpur’s tubes are finned using advanced finning machinery which help us guarantee a high quality product that adds value to whichever system it is a part of.


Quality is of utmost importance to us these high standards are maintained because we control the complete design, fabrication and construction process; and our mechanical equipment exceeds operational expectations for these very reasons.

Paharpur’s energy efficiency & statically balanced fan-blades achieve low noise levels and are available in diameters ranging from 0.91 to 10 metres. Our gear boxes are highly regarded for their reliable performance and online lubrication facility that eliminate downtime; these are designed to deliver even under demanding industrial conditions and still retain a long service life.

Paharpur has the foresight that industries are always seeking, this quality exhibits itself in many of our products that are made to deal with operational challenges, such as vibration-limiting switches that protect the air-moving equipment from any vibration hazards.


DRH Condensers require a great deal of on-site work. The tube bundles and structural are shipped knocked-down and are assembled on site. Our technical expertise and industry leading position is justified by the accuracy with which we reproduce our designs, this accuracy allows your plant to operate at maximum efficiency and you get the most out of your process.

Paharpur’s commissioning and training specialists are deployed at the site to synchronise the condenser and train our client’s operation team during hand-over.

Spares and components:

Paharpur’s integrated system design ensures that all our parts fit seamlessly and deliver high performance continuously. To guarantee optimum performance, rely on us to supply you with any spare part which you may require. Regardless of how old your tower may be, you can be rest assured that we can meet your needs swiftly, to minimise downtime.

For your peace of mind:

Apart from our superior products, Paharpur is known for its outstanding service. We like to ensure that our clients get the most out of our products; and for your peace of mind we thoroughly inspect the tower- this gives you the distinct advantage of predicting operational problems.

Maintenance & Reconstruction:

Paharpur’s exceptional service goes far beyond ready access to our operational manuals and ready guidance; we provide complete & competent ‘hands on’ maintenance for any and every need. Eventually, due to changing atmospheric conditions and wear & tear, your cooling tower may require repairs exceeding the limits of standard maintenance, in such cases, Paharpur’s reconstruction services will help make your tower as good as new.


  • Oil & Gas

    Flame-retardant PVC fills and fibreglass, to keep safety high and risk of damage low.

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  • Nuclear Power Plants

    Crucial hurdles are overcome by innovating existing technology.

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  • Solar Thermal Power Plants

    Couple the power of high cooling efficiency and operating cost to obtain reliable power generation.

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  • Power Plants - Coal

    More than 70% of India’s power plants have a Paharpur cooling tower.

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  • Gas Power Plants

    The world leader has an answer to your most critical cooling requirements, even in the most rigorous conditions.

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  • Chemical & Fertiliser

    Chemical plants require hard-wearing equipment that does not fail under extreme pH conditions.

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