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Paharpur Cooling Towers provides the most reliable industrial cooling solutions in the industry, the thermal precision and efficiency of our products has helped drive production in industries around the world for the last 6 decades.

At Paharpur, we strictly control the quality of our products. All parts and components are designed, manufactured and tested from scratch at our facilities, except the motors. This complete manufacturing control is what ensures the high quality that our customers expect from us. Paharpur is the most trusted cooling solutions provider to industry giants around the world- because we give them just what they want- precision in thermal performance, robust corrosion proof materials and competent maintenance with minimum downtime.

With deep insight into cooling tower technology and manufacturing expertise, we have provided innovative solutions to operational challenges. In Kazakhstan, where temperatures can drop as low as -50°C, Paharpur turned cooling technology on its head to provide a heating tower. We have developed cooling technologies and use them in our products to meet the cooling needs of our clients, who rely on us simply because they know that whatever be the challenge, Paharpur can get the job done.


  • CLASS 400

    Highly reliable performance gives you complete control over your production process.

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  • CLASS 500

    The customised solution for complex power plant applications.

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  • CLASS 600

    The industry leading cooling tower for large cooling capacities.

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  • Class 1000

    The highly customisable large capacity cooling solution.

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  • CLASS 800

    Ideal cooling solution for the most extreme power plants.

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  • Series AQ3800

    This universal compact cooling solution comes with unique horizontal discharge.This universal compact cooling solution comes with unique horizontal discharge.

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  • Series 6.1KF

    This double-flow crossflow tower has the advantage of online maintenance.

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  • Series QF-20K

    Unique quad-flow design results in low profile.

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  • Series CF-II

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