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Paharpur helps you couple the power of high cooling efficiency and operating cost and obtain reliable power generation consistently. The world leader has an answer to your most critical cooling requirements, even in the most rigorous conditions.

We know that even the slightest drop in efficiency result in considerable losses. Expect rock-solid thermal performance from a Paharpur cooling tower – we have perfected the performance of our towers with decades of engineering experience and hundreds of hours of research.

At Paharpur, we understand that thermal performance should not come at the cost of high fan power and pumping head requirements. We can ensure low life-cycle-cost by finding a fine balance between initial costs and operating cost. Our experienced engineers work with all our clients to design & customise the ideal cooling solution, working together with our construction teams and always taking on turnkey responsibility to give clients complete peace of mind.

Superior design, reliable performance and competent service culminate in a world-class Paharpur experience. This is the reason why 70% of all Indian power plants have a Paharpur cooling tower, some working day-in-and-day-out for over 40 years. The biggest names in the power industry come to Paharpur, you should too.


  • CLASS 400

    Highly reliable performance gives you complete control over your production process.

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  • CLASS 500

    The customised solution for complex power plant applications.

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  • CLASS 600

    The industry leading cooling tower for large cooling capacities.

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  • Class 1000

    The highly customisable large capacity cooling solution.

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  • CLASS 800

    Ideal cooling solution for the most extreme power plants.

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  • SERIES 15/18

    Built to withstand poor water quality and deliver high cooling rates.

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  • Air-Cooled Steam Condensers

    Unique DRH design and variety of finned tubes help obtain maximum cooling efficiency.

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  • Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

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100% Paharpur Only original spare parts can deliver precise thermal performance consistently.