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Paharpur exceeds expectations with its high manufacturing standards and extensive industry experience. As a pharmaceuticals producer, you abide by the toughest industry standards. We contribute to your high standards and help you maintain them throughout your plant life.

Our CTI Certified products help guarantee that your production lives up to the toughest standards and the highest quality standards too. Paharpur’s CTI Certified towers deliver accurate thermal performance over a long and efficient service life, they are highly corrosion resistant and otherwise inert- ensuring that zero contamination.


  • Series AQ3800

    This universal compact cooling solution comes with unique horizontal discharge.This universal compact cooling solution comes with unique horizontal discharge.

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  • Series 6.1KF

    This double-flow crossflow tower has the advantage of online maintenance.

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  • Series QF-20K

    Unique quad-flow design results in low profile.

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  • Series CF-II

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  • Series CF3

    A CTI-certified tower with a pultruded FRP structure.

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  • Series OXF-30K

    The ideal CTI-certified crossflow tower.The ideal CTI-certified crossflow tower.

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100% Paharpur Only original spare parts can deliver precise thermal performance consistently.