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  • Adiabatic closed circuit Galvanised steel230 kW - 1050 kWDirect 361–1275 KW*
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Wet cooling systems use too much water, and dry cooling systems use too much energy. Introducing Infinium, an adiabatic cooler from Paharpur, which can reduce energy consumption by up to 40% or reduce water usage by up to 80%. With adiabatic coolers, there is no trade-off in thermal performance—this is a fresh new alternative to our water-scarce, energy conscious industrial landscape.

  • Principle – Adiabatic pre-cooling of dry ambient air The Adiabatic cooler uses wetted pads to pre-cool the ambient air entering the tower. Pre-cooling helps achieve a lower temperature than the ambient dry bulb temperature. This pre-cooled air is then used to cool process water or other any other refrigerant you might be using.

    Achieving a cold-air temperature lower than dry bulb temperature is not possible in standard dry cooling systems, and is a major advantage that the adiabatic cooler brings to your application. Depending on mode of operation (water saving or energy saving), the in-built control systems can autonomously regulate fan speed. From a performance perspective, adiabatic coolers can sometimes achieve cold water temperatures lower than that of cooling towers, while also using much less water.
    • Water saving advantages – up to 80% savings Infinium can affect massive water savings. In the adiabatic cooler, no evaporative cooling takes place and there is no need for intermittent blow-down, these significantly reduce water loss. Further, drift is fully eliminated in the closed environment of the cooler, thereby eliminating any water loss due to it.
    • Energy saving advantages – up to 40% savings When compared to conventional air-cooled systems, Infinium requires nearly half the energy to operate. Using electronically commutated motors, the cooler modulates fan speed. While operating in dry mode, the cooler operates at low fan speed. Further, if used in a water-rich environment, the cooler can be programmed to employ extensive pre-cooling and operate at much lower fan speeds. At night time, fan speed is automatically kept low by energising the pre-cooling unit earlier.
    • Adiabatic pads – Enabling energy efficiency The adiabatic cooler uses specially impregnated & corrugated cellulose paper sheets which act as adiabatic pads on both sides of heat-exchanger tubes. Adiabatic pads exhibit high evaporation rate with their high cooling efficiency; further, they affect minimum pressure drop. Therefore, these pads are minimally invasive to the cooling process. Adiabatic pads are protected against decomposition, rotting and are wholly self-cleaning.
    • Excellent heat transfer efficiency – heat exchanger coils Coiled heat exchanger tubes are seamless copper tubes with aluminium fins with an excellent heat transfer efficiency. The tubes are designed for maximum exposure to the air-stream and their advanced rippled-corrugated fin design creates enough air turbulence inside the unit to enhance the heat transfer efficiency. Before being fitted into the unit, the coil block is pressure-tested under warm water. Stainless steel coils are made of Grade TP304L.
    • Eliminate the risk of Legionella Water does not accumulate anywhere in the Adiabatic cooler – this completely eliminates the risk of legionella. Legionellosis is an infection which can vary from a mild febrile illness to a lethal form of pneumonia (Legionnaire’s disease).

      Legionella bacteria which thrives in stagnant water and multiplies quickly at over 25°C. There are strict regulations against legionella accumulation and scaling in the EU and US. In case adiabatic process is interrupted, the unit drains the pads automatically. No aerosol generation due to low air velocity.

      *Performance 35℃ DB and 27℃ WB; EWT 42℃ & LWT 35℃


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