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Paharpur gets it right with end-to-end solutions that integrate easily and exceed expectations with their high performance. In the energy industry, safety is a high priority and Paharpur customises its product to better suit your work environment.

Our towers are fitted with flame-retardant PVC fills and fibreglass, to keep safety high and risk of damage low. Refineries of crude petroleum, and especially those of Natural gas, can sometimes contain dissolved H2S gas, which is extremely toxic. Whenever we supply to refineries, we provide them with Toxic gas detectors that alert the operators when toxicity approaches critical limits.

Paharpur promises end-to-end solutions for your refinery- complete with water treatment plants for pH control, scale control, prevention of biofouling and with oil skimming systems that preserve the integrity of the fill sheets.

Efficient water treatment allows us to provide you with Film-type Fill which is more volumetrically efficient.

Paharpur works closely with all its clients to design & customise the ideal cooling solution; we combine deep knowledge and an industry leading manufacturing process to deliver high performing solutions that never let you down.


  • CLASS 400

    Highly reliable performance gives you complete control over your production process.

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  • CLASS 500

    The customised solution for complex power plant applications.

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  • CLASS 600

    The industry leading cooling tower for large cooling capacities.

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  • Class 1000

    The highly customisable large capacity cooling solution.

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  • CLASS 800

    Ideal cooling solution for the most extreme power plants.

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  • Series AQ3800

    This universal compact cooling solution comes with unique horizontal discharge.This universal compact cooling solution comes with unique horizontal discharge.

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  • Series 6.1KF

    This double-flow crossflow tower has the advantage of online maintenance.

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  • Series QF-20K

    Unique quad-flow design results in low profile.

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  • Series CF-II

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  • Air-Cooled Steam Condensers

    Unique DRH design and variety of finned tubes help obtain maximum cooling efficiency.

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  • Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

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