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The Series 100 range is dedicated to high performance at lower operating costs and comes highly recommended for medium to heavy industrial applications. Available in crossflow design, this tower has been designed to optimise air-flow and minimise blade resistance while at the same time distributing water equally to maximise heat transfer.

Paharpur’s MX-75 LEV film fill provides high wetted surface are and optimum air turbulence, maximising heat transfer and minimising resistance so as to save fan power. At Paharpur, we think of the entire picture and this allows us to provide our customers with unmatched cooling tower solutions.


In over 60 years of manufacturing, Paharpur has successfully tackled all sorts of engineering obstacles. We are heavily invested in improving cooling tower technology and all our clients benefit from this greatly.

This pioneering attitude is exemplified in the MX-75 LEV high performance Film fill, the heart of every Series 100 cooling tower. The film fill’s repeating chevron pattern provides enough wetted surface and air turbulence for high rates of heat transfer, while at the same time reducing resistance to airflow which enhances the fan’s energy efficiency. Our gear reducers exhibit more than 95% efficiency and are engineered to extend tower life in demanding industrial conditions. Moreover, the fan blades have adjustable pitch for limited space applications and the true aerofoil blades are designed and manufactured specifically for cooling tower applications and have the advantages of silent operation and long service lives. The tower has an overall low profile and requires low pumping head to achieve water distribution.

Paharpur is dedicated to state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and technology so that our clients are greatly benefited from the exceptional performance of our towers.


Paharpur builds all parts & components in house from scratch, motors being the only exception. This integrated system approach gives us complete control over the design & testing process and translates to better performance and easier repair for our clients.

Fabrication at our manufacturing units is our precision personified; ensuring that all parts & components fit perfectly. Paharpur also offers a nationwide organisation to build your tower quickly and economically.


Paharpur’s attention to detail goes as far back as the material selection process. We carefully select materials and methods that enhance product life and performance. All materials have been chosen with close attention to operating conditions. Pressure-treated wood, heavy mill galvanised steel, stainless steel, PVC and Fibreglass come together in the Series100 to enhance performance and service life.

The induced-draft propeller fans on Paharpur’s right-angled gear reducers, TEFC weather-proof motors and heavy-duty mechanical equipment supports help to ensure a long and efficient product life-cycle.


Paharpur’s integrated system design ensures that all our parts fit seamlessly and deliver high performance continuously. To guarantee optimum performance, rely on us to supply you with any spare part which you may require. Regardless of how old your tower may be, you can be rest assured that we can meet your needs swiftly, to minimise downtime.

Take advantage of our complete manufacturing control by only purchasing Paharpur spares and components to ensure that tower performance is optimised and losses minimised.


  • Series 100

    The Paharpur Series 100 is the first choice for large
    air-conditioning and medium to heavy industrial application
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