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ROSATOM awards certification to Paharpur

November, 2018 Kolkata, India

ROSATOM State Nuclear Energy Corp. is a Russian state corporation that specializes in nuclear energy.

ROSATOM is one of the leaders in the world's clean energy industry, comprising 350+ enterprises, including scientific research organizations, nuclear defence and the world's only nuclear icebreaker fleet.

ROSATOM ranks first as the largest electricity generation company in Russia, producing 200 billion kWh of electricity, having roughly 19% of the country's total electricity production in 2017. It also holds top rank in the portfolio of foreign construction projects: 33 nuclear power plant units in 12 countries across the world.

Based on their strict quality and efficiency norms, ROSATOM recently certified Paharpur – whereby our construction wing now stands qualified to participate in any ROSATOM project worldwide, after having scored highest percentile points on a total of 100 Hence, Paharpur achieved the certification by quite a significant margin writ ROSATOM's minimum evaluation criteria.

Zhangjiakou, China Opening Ceremony - Paharpur Cooling Tower

Earlier this month, Paharpur Group inaugurated it's new advanced facility at Zhangjiakou, China. Here, we will be manufacturing some of the most critical Dry cooling solutions in the industry. From Air-cooled Heat Exchangers, Hybrid cooling solutions, indirect cooling systems and air-cooled condensers. The Zhangjiakou facility will be servicing industries around the world and Paharpur technology will continue to power innovation in the cooling industry

Paharpur Scheme of Arrangement Notice to Unsecured Creditors

04/05/2018 - Paharpur Scheme of Arrangement Notice to Unsecured Creditors - Download PDF

Notice to Secured Creditors

Notice to Secured Creditors - Download PDF

Paharpur acquires SPX’s Dry cooling business

In March 2016, Paharpur successfully completed the acquisition of the dry cooling business of SPX Corporation Inc., one of the world leaders in the dry cooling business, at a cost of USD 48.9 million. This business comprises of four companies- SPX Dry Cooling (Belgium) SPRL in Belgium, SPX Dry Cooling Technologies (Zhangjiakou) Co. Ltd, SPX Dry Cooling technologies (Beijing) Co. Ltd in China and SPX Dry Cooling LLC in USA. We are happy to declare that less than a year into the acquisition, SPX Dry Cooling’s international market share has taken an unprecedented leap; which only adds to Paharpur’s global aspirations and possibilities.