CTI-certified CF3 cooling towers from Paharpur cool the shopping / entertainment complex at the Statue of Unity, the tallest monument in the world.


Inustry : Commercial Buildings / HVACR
Location : Narmada River, Gujarat

The Situation:

In 2016, Paharpur started working with L&T on the cooling system for the Statue of Unity project—a national monument dedicated to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the tallest statue in the world. The Gujarat state government was looking to improve tourism opportunities in the region.

The project includes an event convention centre for events, a museum and gallery and a research centre. These facilities require cost-effective and dependable cooling. Paharpur provided three CTI-certified CF3 cooling towers to cool the entire facility from 37.78°C to 32.78°C.

Working smartly to adapt processes, bypass hurdles and employ radical logistics, we achieved a phenomenal reduction in lead-time and completed the job in just under 2 months. Here's how we did it:

Solution specifications

  • Flow
    3600 USGPM
  • Hot Water Temperature
  • Cold Water Temperature
  • Wet Bulb Temperature:

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