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The Paharpur AQ-3800 has been designed as a flexible, modular and efficient cooling solution ideal for commercial spaces – along with a unique Uni-flow™ design and its many advantages to the HVACR industry, it is truly the universal HVACR cooling tower.

Several design improvements and some major redesigns over the last few decades have made the AQ Series one of the most effective and sought after cooling towers in the HVACR industry. Paharpur has installed over 20,000 AQ towers worldwide.

Uni-flow design solves some crucial challenges:

In a Uni-flow system, air-flow in a cooling tower does not change direction – air-entry and discharge are in the same direction. This design feature allows flexible orientation of the cooling tower at the site, revealing some unique advantages.

Flexible orientation helps solve two of the most common challenges of operating cooling towers in commercial spaces –
  • Eliminate fogging With horizontal discharge, you can orient the cooling tower away from the building, thereby eliminating the problem of fogging on the façade. This convenience would have not been made possible in cooling towers with vertical discharge.
  • Control unwanted sound With flexible orientation, you can place your cooling towers such that the discharge faces away from the building, so as to reduce sound levels
  • Save fan power consumption In most cooling towers, air-flow changes direction by 90°, which is the cause of a certain pressure drop – to compensate for this, a higher fan power is required. In the AQ Series’ Uni-flow™ system, both incoming and outgoing air are on the horizontal plane. No change of direction of air-flow means a reduced pressure drop, which eventually helps save on fan power consumption.
Eliminate fogging Control unwanted sound Save fan power consumption
Horizontal discharge allows you to orient your Paharpur AQ Series away from your building, thereby reducing sound and eliminating the nuisance of fogging over the building’s glass façade. It also reduces pressure loss inside the fill, helping save on fan power.
Online Maintenance drastically reduces downtime:

Paharpur designs integrated fill systems for its AQ Series – integrated with drift eliminators and louvres. These vacuum-formed PVC fill sheets are designed for maximum cooling capacity per unit volume and can withstand hot-water temperatures upto 55°C – beyond which splash-type timber fill is provided.

Online Maintenance drastically reduces downtime:
  • Inspect the fill from outside the tower The MX75 integrated fill can be inspected for clogging, fouling and misalignment from outside the tower during operation without having to remove any parts. Online inspection of fill condition is possible only in Crossflow cooling towers. Easy access allows you to locate damage & decay in its early stages and avoid long durations of downtime.
  • Replace nozzles during operation Paharpur’s Spiral Target Nozzles, made of inert polypropylene plastic, are easy to remove and replace. Operators can reach into the hot-water basin and simply pull off damaged nozzles and replace them.
  • Remote Oil cup for Bearing Housing A remote Oil cup for the bearing housing is attached to the front face of the cooling tower. Oil levels can be observed during operation, without any need for downtime; the cup can also be refilled with the requisite amount of oil during operation.


  • General Industries

    Rely on the industry leader to provide you with the ideal solution for you.

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  • Airports

    Make the most of your cooling system with a Paharpur cooling tower.

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  • Educational Institutions

    Industry leading design puts performance and accuracy in an economic context that benefits our clients.

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  • Hospitals

    Paharpur preserves high performance and slashes operating costs.

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  • Hotels

    With ever increasing demand and tighter regulations, you need high performance products.

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  • Museums

    High standards and energy efficiency are our top priorities.

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  • Commercial buildings

    CTI certified solutions will help you elevate your commercial environment and help you build truly Green buildings.

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  • Railway & Subways

    The entire cooling needs of the Delhi, Kolkata, Lucknow and Jaipur metros are served by Paharpur products.

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  • Shopping Malls

    CTI certified solutions will help you elevate your commercial environment and help you build truly Green buildings.

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  • DG Sets

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  • Oil & Gas

    Flame-retardant PVC fills and fibreglass, to keep safety high and risk of damage low.

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  • Pharmaceuticals

    We help you maintain your high industry standards throughout your plant life.

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  • Food & Beverage

    Paharpur customises & optimises its packaged towers for your chiller plants and cold storage.

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  • Series AQ3800

    Paharpur Series AQ-3800 towers combine the proven cross-flow technology with the proven corrosion resistance of fibreglass File Type: PDF , 375 Kb - 2 pages

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