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The AQ3800 is a series of factory-assembled cross-flow FRP towers with nominal capacities ranging from 10-175 tons. With superior fibreglass construction, this tower eliminates your concerns about corrosion and decay; and guarantees optimum performance over a long service life.

High Performance. Low Maintenance.

Over the last 25 years, Paharpur has made continuous and significant design improvements aimed at maximising the amount & rate of heat transfer, these improvements have made the AQ Series the standard of packaged cooling towers. Our latest models consume less energy, have silent operation, exhibit improved fill performance and are made of corrosion-free fibreglass.

Paharpur also has solutions for demanding operating conditions- the heavy gauge galvanised steel series AQ4800 & AQ48000, which can be supplied with wood fills for high hot water temperatures.

Paharpur manufactures all tower components, except motors, in-house. This gives our manufacturing a distinct edge and helps us ensure high performance products and parts. Maintenance of cooling towers has never been this minimalistic- all primary components in the AQ Series are open to view, the V-belts can be replaced & aligned from outside the tower and the spray system is easy to maintain. Moreover, the stainless steel distribution basin and nozzles can be cleaned during tower operation- slashing downtime.

Paharpur’s exceptional service goes far beyond ready access to our operational manuals and ready guidance; we provide complete & competent ‘hands on’ maintenance for any and every need.


  • General Industries

    Rely on the industry leader to provide you with the ideal solution for you.

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  • Airports

    Make the most of your cooling system with a Paharpur cooling tower.

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  • Educational Institutions

    Industry leading design puts performance and accuracy in an economic context that benefits our clients.

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  • Hospitals

    Paharpur preserves high performance and slashes operating costs.

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  • Hotels

    With ever increasing demand and tighter regulations, you need high performance products.

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  • Museums

    High standards and energy efficiency are our top priorities.

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  • Commercial buildings

    CTI certified solutions will help you elevate your commercial environment and help you build truly Green buildings.

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  • Railway & Subways

    The entire cooling needs of the Delhi, Kolkata, Lucknow and Jaipur metros are served by Paharpur products.

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  • Shopping Malls

    CTI certified solutions will help you elevate your commercial environment and help you build truly Green buildings.

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  • DG Sets

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  • Oil & Gas

    Flame-retardant PVC fills and fibreglass, to keep safety high and risk of damage low.

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  • Pharmaceuticals

    We help you maintain your high industry standards throughout your plant life.

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  • Food & Beverage

    Paharpur customises & optimises its packaged towers for your chiller plants and cold storage.

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  • Series AQ3800

    Paharpur Series AQ-3800 towers combine the proven cross-flow technology with the proven corrosion resistance of fibreglass File Type: PDF , 375 Kb - 2 pages

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