Paharpur Cooling Towers Limited designs and manufactures dry cooling equipment for the petroleum, power utility, steel, cement, sugar ,chemical and gas-processing industrial sectors. In India Paharpur is long recognised as a leader in dry-cooling equipment design, fabrication, assembly and erection. Paharpur’s DRH (Divided Rear Header) air cooled steam condensers can be supplied to perform over wide spectrum of operating requirements and diverse industry applications.

Paharpur has the engineering, manufacturing and installing expertise to supply the best DRH air cooled steam condenser for each particular application. Single-point responsibility assures faster response and economical project execution.

Paharpur’s state-of-the-art manufacturing units are equipped with sophisticated metal-working, finning, welding and material handling machinery. Manufacturing facilities are located at Kolkata in the state of West Bengal and at Sahibabad (near New Delhi) in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Paharpur Air Cooled Condenser

Quality has been the hallmark of any Paharpur product. The standard of excellence of quality is reflected in all stages of the project starting from expertise of design team, procurement of materials to fabrication and finally site erection & plant commissioning. At all stages requirements of the client, specification and applicable internationally accpeted codes are strictly adhered to.

Paharpur’s independent tube row design with Divided (separate) Rear Headers prohibit back flow of steam to eliminate non-condensables trapping in individual tube rows and formation of dead zone for heat transfer. The design is flexible and system efficiency is maintained over a wide range of temperature and varying operating loads. Condensate and non condensables are evacuated from each row separately thereby maintaining positive fluid separation qualities of a single row condenser. 

Advantages of Paharpur DRH type condenser over other available designs:

  • Due to separate evacuation of each row chances of vapour locking and formation of ‘dead zones’ are eliminated.
  • Flexibility to adopt to any off-design conditions at part load which is not possible in dephelgmator type of configuration
  • Easy identification and repair of any leaking tube-to-tubesheet joint as the rear headers can be lifted mechanically without dismantling the bundle.
  • Provision of progressive thermal expansion is accommodated in tube layout pattern.
  • Unequal condensation in tube rows across the bundle is compensated by varying the finned tube diameter.
  • Finned tubes are available with extruded, embedded or wrap-on type fins.

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